Role: Creative direction, Lead designer, Project management

The annual sales kick off is Gemalto’s biggest internal event, operating in 3 locations globally, around 1000 internal sales staff, execs and keynote speakers are invited. Working with the creative director, marketing communications director, field marketing director and event management team, I conceptualised the event theme and visual strategy.


With multiple stakeholders across the business all with different ideas, managing expectations and having open communication was crucial. The event visuals needed a central theme, that worked across vertical and product messaging. I set up weekly meetings with stakeholders, presenting concepts and getting feedback. Being responsive and productive to ensure the tight deadlines were met, was essential for the success of this project, as well as being sympathetic to everyones input and managing expectations. The visual theme needed to work across app UI, microsite design, marketing communications (email), stage design, hotel branding and digital.

The MoodBoard

Sales Kick off event design mood board 2I found this visual the most inspiring

Sales Kick off event design mood board

Taking all the feedback on board, i developed the final concept, it came from an idea i had from the mood board above (highlighted in red), using a wireframe design overlaid on top of a photograph. The design could apply to any image as a template and encompass the event theme ‘transformation’ with Gemalto products as well as ‘transforming’ the sales peoples mindset. It was a visual play on transforming the object that you see in the image, and it could be applied to any industry, just as Gemalto encryption and authentication products can be applied to any industry as layer of digital protection.

The concept applied to a visual showing Gemalto products in the transport industry

Sales Kick off event design concept visual 1 Sales Kick off event design concept visual 2 Sales Kick off event design concept visual 3 Sales Kick off event design concept visual 4

After creating and and getting sign-off on the look and feel of the event, working with the event manager and marketing directors to understand what tools, platforms and their promotional plans were being out in place for the event. Understanding which platforms were being used and who was managing them, was key in ensuring quality and consistency across all the event communication.


The branding was applied across everything related to the event. Deliverables included;

  • App visuals
  • Pre and post-event email communications
  • Microsite design
  • Presentation templates
  • Venue signage and graphics including escalator signage, column wraps, flags, internal archway, reception desk,
  • Stage design
  • Stage screen animations
  • Photo wall
  • Highlight video and photography, filmed and produced on site and shown on the last day of the event

Everything was produced on time in a very short time scale. The various global events had excellent feedback with a very strong, consistent visual branding used throughout.

Sales Kick Off environmental and signage graphics Sales Kick Off environmental and signage graphics Sales Kick Off stage design Sales Kick Off reception area design