Role: Creative direction, Lead design


Generate awareness of the new GDPR regulations amongst IT decision makers, educate companies on how to become GDPR compliant and promote Gemalto solutions. I was tasked with the creative direction.


The deliverables included branding a double decker bus. I developed the idea of using the EU flag on the bus design so people would make associations with Boris’ infamous Brexit bus and cause a media stir. The bus travelled the UK, visiting 9 locations on the way round, finishing at Europe’s largest cyber security show, Infosec Europe at Olympia.

Woekingnwith the social team, we came up with the hashtag #GetReadyForGDPR and made sure this was in huge letters on the side of the bus to drive people to the social campaign.

The campaign generated 250,000 Twitter impressions, and 200 appointments were booked  throughout the 3 week period and several high profile sales were directly linked to the bus tour.

The campaign has been nominated for several awards, including best integrated campaign for the CIM awards, up for best integrated campaign for a large company at the DandAD awards and best vendor marketing campaign at the CRN awards.