Role: UX / UI design

Thales required a refresh on one of their website templates for research landing pages. The brief was to give it a fresh new look and increase engagement. I looked at the performance on the page and performed a UX audit before creating a new design for the page.


I identified 4 user personas that would access the site;

Website personas for UX Audit



The content suffered from ‘information overload’ and needed simplifying and organising in a way that would lead the customer through their journey in a structured way, leading them to the CTA. I started by making a list of observations on the page based on some stats from HotJar:

UX audit of website - observations

User Journey

I mapped out the existing user journey of the page to see where improvements could be made. It became clear that while the page initially had a clear journey, there were a lot of routes for the user to travel in about half way down and a lot of the routes sent the user away to another page or distracted from the main goal of the page. While the page tried to cater for all users that may have arrived in the right area, but not the report they wanted to see, it did not cater for the people who were actually  in the right place.



The new design

A lot of the key data points were repeated in different ways on the existing design, adding noise and distraction for the user. In addition the other recommended assets also added distraction to the user, sometimes sending them away from the site and down a rabbit hole.


New UI design for new landing page

Below shows how the top animate on scroll banner works. It was possible to keep the file size for this to 0.9MB so the load time was not over a threshold defined by the web manager.