Role: Creative direction, Lead designer

Working with an account executive at Rapid7,  I concepted an event design for the Softcat Partner Kick Off. I wanted to create something that pushed the Rapid7 brand guidelines so it stood out against all the other cyber security vendors at the event, but also promote the current incentive program (ski trip). Working with the content team, we came up with the line 'shred the threat and risk landscape'.

During a brainstorming session, I suggested instead of giving away SWAG, we could get sales people to interact with the brand and give them the opportunity to win swag by answering some multiple choice questions. This turned into a mini sales training test as I worked with the business development team and the regional CTO to devise questions on their knowledge of Rapid7 products and created a multiple choice quiz on a flyer.

Softcat - rapid7 booth design Softcat / Rapid7 quiz flyer Softcat - rapid7 booth design- photo