infosecurity 2024 rapid7 booth design
June 11, 2024, Tuesday

Rapid7 Infosecurity 2024 event

At Infosecurity 2024, Europe's premier cybersecurity event, Rapid7 sought to make a memorable impact with a st

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Thales Sales kick off creative direction
April 06, 2021, Tuesday

Thales Sales Kick Off Branding

Creative direction and Lead design Brief Create an annual event that works alongside the Thales brand th

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UX Audit and redesign of website
December 08, 2020, Tuesday

UX / UI audit and redesign

Role: UX / UI design Increase engagement on the research web pages of the Thales corporate website. Resear

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GDPR campaign
September 24, 2020, Thursday

GDPR Awareness Campaign

Role: Creative direction, Lead design Brief Use the new GDPR regulations to create a campaign to promote

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campaign design safenet trusted access
June 18, 2017, Sunday

Campaign for a product launch

Role: Creative direction, Lead Design, Project Management A product launch campaign for Gemalto for a

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David Bean. Virtual reality project promo image
June 18, 2017, Sunday

Virtual reality (VR) campaign and experience

Role: Creative direction, User experience, Project management Gemalto; a company in the cyber security

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